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Hello there, this is the first section

This is my first paragraph, where stuff is mentioned about stuff and how that stuff interacts with other stuff to produce a whole new type of stuff and all that stuff.

Hey again, this is the second secion

In the previous paragraph, I told you all about stuff. Well in this paragraph I will tell you about other stuff and how I found out about all this stuff I am writing about.
Stuff I am interested in includes skiing stuff, gaming stuff and computing stuff. Here's a cover picture of a show I like:

Sup, this is the third section

You must be tired by now about all the stuff I've been going on about, but let me assure you that the more stuff you learn the more stuff you can do with that learnt stuff.
I've run out of stuff to talk about so this concludes my third and final paragraph about stuff. What I can show you though is one of my favourite scenes from a show I like called "The Mighty Boosh":

Here's the fourth section

Alright enough about all that stuff, here's a list of things I enjoy doing in order, order of preference :p

  1. Wiring plugs
  2. Skiing
  3. Gaming
  4. Watching TV
  5. Eating
  6. Watching movies
  7. Hanging out with epic friends
  8. Upgrading my computer system
  9. Fixing things
  10. Playing Tennis or Badminton