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Script title Description Link
Element Script This is my element script, which has a total of 23 different attacks! This script has basically all you need to attack your enemies and get away from them quickly!
Element Script Version 2 This is v2 of my element script, which actually uses the elements this time. With amazing attacks, combined with menu sounds, this has got to be the best script I have made so far!
Airtaxi An airtaxi as seen from Star Wars Episode 1:The Phantom Menace PC game. Download shields.cfg for the shields to the taxi.
Box The first part of a 3 catwalk high box
Box2 The second part
Box3 The third part
Box4 The fourth part
House Part one of a cool defensive house I made
House2 Part two
Movev3 A move script, which helps you if you get confused with the mmove cmds
Pathway A series of catwalks that extend in one direction to make a pathway for you
Pathway2 Different direction
Pathway3 Different direction
Pathway4 Different direction
platform_quake A floating platform script which looks very cool
Shields Activates the airtaxi's shields
Stairs Make stairs made of catwalks that go to the right
Stairs2 The opposite way
Stairs3 Same as stairs, but they are more closer together
Stairs4 The opposite way
Tele A teleporting script to help you get to places quickly in makermod
Turret1 A turret script which makes a turret that fires at people
Jawa Tent Just a small jawa tent for tiny people.
Jawa Tent2 The second part
Floating House A floating house with 2 rooms. You can add stuff to the second one floating
Floating House2 The second part
Floating House3 The third part
Clone Trooper script My clone trooper script which you can use to command your clones- humans AND npcs!