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Name Description Link
AT-TE Vehicle A republic vehicle from attack of the clones
Super Battle Droid A super battle droid also from the clone wars
Clones Ultima v2 A clone model pack Zclone_ultima2.pk3
Elegance Hud A cool HUD that has a nice saber layout
Stances This is a pk3 that replaces all stances with really cool ones Stances.pk3
Makermod Plugin Just a small plugin that makes placing things in makermod easy
Clone wars npcs Allows you to spawn the npcs from the clones ultima v2 pk3 by having the npc files. Please note that you will most likely need this for the npcs to work
Tk-231's Effects mod Applies AWESOME effects to most attacks!
Blastech DC_15A A clone assault rifle which replaces the imperial rifle dc15a_pah
DC-15s Blaster A clone blaster rifle which replaces the normal blaster rifle.