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The Multiplayer Campaign glitch is a glitch that allows you to play campaign levels in multiplayer!

Note: You may need to add a campaign map that works first (eg spa3c_c) before another you want (eg spa2c_c)


  1. Click on any of these campaign map names to display the code for adding it (These are in the order they come in on campaign mode):

    Geonosis - Training

    Coruscant - Space battle

    Mygeeto - Land battle WARNING: only host can play on this map, other players will crash out of the game!

    Felucia - Land battle

    Kashyyyk - Space battle

    Kashyyyk - Land battle

    Utapau - Land battle

    Coruscant - Land battle

    Naboo - Land battle

    Mustafar - Space battle

    Mustafar - Land battle

    Kamino - Land battle

    Death Star- Ship battle

    Polis Massa - Land/Space battle

    Tantive IV - Ship battle

    Yavin - Space battle

    Yavin - Land battle

    Hoth - Land battle

    Complete map list

  2. Now type /admin /nextmap (one of your added maps), and then type /admin /endgame. Now the game will end and will load the campaign of your choice! Have fun!