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ELEMENT SCRIPT VERSION 3 (UNFINISHED) FINALLY RELEASED! Do with it what you will.. make me proud :) LINK
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I host a server for the game "Jedi Academy" running the mod "Makermod".
You can download the game through the "Download" tab above.

It's been a while but I'm glad to still see some life in the MakerMod community!

Open the console by holding Shift and pressing ~ (to the left of your "1" key)

I strongly recommend you use scripts instead of /msaveobs,
but if you do decide to use /msaveobs then please remember your password
otherwise email it to me if you think you'll forget!

After joining my server, you can type "/connect"
(without quotes) in the console to rejoin from any other server or the game menu!
To join my other servers, include the port like "/connect" for example, for the JA+ Server
I also run an XEvil Server! Download XEvil from and connect to my server on, port 6066.