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Your other option is to download the 'ahk' file type instead, but you'll also need to download and install the "AutoHotKey" program.

Script title Description Link
Right mouse clicking This does what the title suggests, keeps clicking the right mouse button. I put it under SWTOR scripts because currently the gambling event is on, and you have to keep right-clicking on the gambling machines :p Windows+p pauses. right.exe
Snowflakes During the Life Event, you have to keep throwing snowflakes at characters to receive snow parcels, which you can then sell for either credits or cool items like vehicles. This script assumes you have already set up a shortcut to target the next friendly player, as well as a shortcut to throw the snowballs. I target next friendly player with ctrl+shift+tab, and throw the snowballs with ctrl+shift+a. This script targets the next friendly player and throws a snowball at them, using those shortcuts which you can change. Windows+o pauses. snowflakes.exe
WTS - Snow parcels If you want to sell any item in the game for a certain amount of credits and can't be bothered typing it out each time, then don't worry because this script comes in handy :) You can edit the message and all of course, and all you do is hover your mouse over the item you want to sell and press windows+i! The script will do the rest, and instantly type into the chatbox how many you want to sell and for how much. Currently I set it up to sell snowballs, but you can change it around to your liking! WTS.exe