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Hi everyone :D My real name is Daniel Carnovale, and my ingame name is Darkness93 (originally Darkquake). I'm 22 years old and I love gaming!! I moved with my family to Switzerland from Australia where I went to Marist College, and lived in Mosman. I played Tennis there, and went to Karate on the weekends at Bridgepoint :) We're now living in England! I've got a pretty powerful rig (specs are here: and I flew it over to Switzerlnad and England with me as oversize luggage :p Feel free to ask me about any computer problems, I'd be glad to help over Teamviewer and I'm a pretty useful resource! I'm studying an Honours Degree for the Bachelor of Science Computer Science course at Kingston University and loving it! Just finished 2nd Year of the Uni! YAY!!! Still got some time for gaming too :) I'm not working atm but I'll find something soon! (Updated 4th May, 2016)